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Sorry for Cup of China Delay!

There has not been time this week to treat it the way it deserves to be treated! Sorry about the no predictions as well. I will hopefully have more time next week. Anyway, the ladies short program is underway in a few minutes. Here is the schedule, you can watch on Icenetwork.

Here is the schedule in EST (you'll notice pairs short and compulsory dance are done! Post to follow)

Thursday Nov. 6:

Pairs Short Program: 4 am

Ice Dance Compulsory: 5:15 am

Ladies Short Program: 6:45 am

Friday Nov. 7:

Original Dance: 3 am

Men's Short Program 4:35 am

Pairs Free Skate: 6:30 am

Saturday Nov. 8

Ladies Free Skate: 4 am

Free Dance: 5:10 am

Men's Free Skate: 7 am