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Ladies Cup of China Free Skate Recap

After watching the free skate in Cup of China, I don't really have too much of substance to add. Yu-Na Kim of Korea is just in another league (especially in the judge's minds, but also at times, visibly) than the others. It's going to be hard to compete with her and I can't wait to see how Mao Asada is scored in comparison. The event winner, Kim, and second placer finisher, Japan's Miki Ando, were great. They each had one terrible landing but no falls and everything else was pretty good (although I'm sure a bunch of jumps were underrotated, etc., but I'll leave that to the judges to dissect).

I was quite impressed with the speed and energy of the U.S.'s Ashley Wagner, who finished in fourth place. However, I honestly did not like one position she hit during her step sequence. And her costume made me blush, even though I know it's just nude material or whatever. Risque!

Finland's Laura Lepisto took third. Her program put me to sleep within three seconds, but that's probably not her fault. I was coming off of a sugar high. It was fine, but she ended up about thirty points away from Kim (as did Wagner). I was so impressed by the relatively clean performances by the top ladies (as far as falling and deductions) but you've got to wonder what it will take to beat Kim...will this be the year she finally breaks through at the World Championships and adds that crown to her Grand Prix titles? We shall see...