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Grand Prix Final Set

I will hopefully have a full NHK review up later but for now, let's take a look at the Grand Prix Final, which has been set with the conclusion of NHK Trophy. The competition takes place in Seoul, South Korea in a few weeks, so I'll have a full preview before that.

Ladies Qualifiers:

1) Yu-Na Kim (Korea, 30 points)

2) Joannie Rochette (Canada, 30 points)

3) Mao Asada (Japan, 28 points)

4) Carolina Kostner (Italy, 24 points)

5) Yukari Nakano (Japan, 24 points)

6) Miki Ando (Japan, 24 points)

Looks like the tie-breaker came into play for the 24 points ladies, since Japan's Fumie Suguri also had 24 points but is in the substitution section.


1) Patrick Chan (Canada, 30 points)

2) Takahiko Kozuka (Japan, 28 points)

3) Johnny Weir (U.S., 26 points)

4) Brian Joubert (France, 24 points)

5) Jeremy Abbott (U.S., 24 points)

6) Tomas Verner (Czech Republic, 24 points)

The United States managed to get two skaters into this final, although I am pretty sure the money at the beginning of the season would have been on Evan Lysacek to have been the second skater. Things change.


1) Aliona Savchenko/Robin Szolkowy (Germany, 30 points)

2) Dan Zhang/Hao Zhang (China, 30 points)

3) Yuko Kawaguchi/Alexander Smirnov (Russia, 28 points)

4) Qing Pang/Jan Tong (China, 26 points)

5) Tatiana Volosozhar/Stanislav Morozov (Ukraine, 24 points)

6) Maria Mukhortova/Maxim Trankov (Russia, 24 points)

Tie-breakers bumped out Americans McLaughlin and Brubaker (24 points) and Canadians Dube and Davison (24 points). Major disappointment for both teams, but I'd say especially for the Canadians. Their season has not been going well, perhaps this is where they get out the kinks before the Olympics?

Ice Dance:

1) Isabelle Delobel/Olivier Schoenfelder (France, 30 points)

2) Oksana Domnina/Maxim Shabalin (Russia, 28 points)

3) Federica Faiella/Massimo Scali (Italy, 28 points)

4) Jana Khokhlova/Sergei Novitski (Russia, 26 points)

5) Meryl Davis/Charlie White (U.S., 26 points)

6) Tanith Belbin/Ben Agosto (U.S., 26 points)