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Kristi Yamaguchi in PARADE and on PBS (also, Nutcrackers)

The always hard-hitting PARADE magazine has a quick interview with Kristi Yamaguchi. She describes her initial reaction to Dancing with the Stars:

"What a hokey idea," Kristi said. "I thought, ‘Who’s going to watch ballroom dancing on television?’ "

But she soon succumbed to the show’s charms and had her agent suggest her name to the producers. They in turn said, "We don’t want any skaters."

And we know what happened when they changed their minds! Discoball trophies for skaters (2 in fact, Apolo Anton Ohno and Yamaguchi)!

Yamaguchi will be hosting the San Francisco Ballet's performance of the Nutcracker, which airs on Wednesday on PBS.

This reminds me of the "Nutcracker on Ice" with Oksana Baiul. Which I just DVRed despite having seen it a million times. Here is a clip. She was so adorable.