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Buttle's Choreography Turn

Jeffrey Buttle may have retired, but he's staying relevant in this year's figure skating competitions because he choreographed two programs for Fedor Andreev, who will be skating at the Canadian national championships for a spot at worlds, according to Globe and Mail. Andreev quit skating a few years ago but is back.

Could this be the start of a new career for Buttle?

Buttle, who watched his programs for the first time on Sunday at the qualifying event, said although he's done "pretty programs for pretty girls" in the past, he's never done any for a senior skater like Andreev.

"It was a great opportunity for me to work with somebody who is really strong and masculine," he said.

The article also said "

Buttle said he had to design the programs in haste at the end of October, because Andreev realized he had to qualify at a sectional competition the following week in order to get to last weekend's final qualifying event in Mississsauga.

"In a couple of days, I cranked out both programs as soon as we could, because he needed them ASAP," Buttle said. "He had sectionals in about a week. I don't know how he did it. I could never have done that. Considering how long he's had them, they look great.''

Buttle says he's also done choreography for a couple of senior women, and also worked on Kim Yu-Na's short program several years ago when she was still a junior skater. Now she's a world bronze medallist and a medal favourite for the Vancouver Olympics."

Buttle is currently performing in Stars on Ice.