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The Celebrity of Yu-Na Kim

Here's a cute article from JoongAng Daily that is worth a read just to get an idea of the mass celebrity of Yu-Na Kim:

it’d only be a slight exaggeration to say all eyes will be fixed on this lithe skater. Kim is such an omnipresent figure that you could do the following on any given day.

For breakfast, you could drink milk endorsed by Kim and have the so-called Kim Yu-na pastry, after taking them out of the refrigerator she also advertises. You could put on cosmetics, wear earrings and dress in clothes washed with fabric softener, all products that she pushes. You could then drive a car from her sponsor to a bank that she endorses to withdraw money, and buy clothes from the sportswear brand of her choice.

SBS, the broadcaster of the event, apparently thought Kim’s performance would draw better ratings than its signature 8 p.m. evening newscasts, and pushed them back for today and tomorrow to cover figure skating live. Even if you weren’t a sports fan, which would you rather see on television on a Friday night? Kim’s elegant skating, or mugshots of the latest corrupt businessmen walking out of the prosecutors’ office?

I wrote earlier about Kim's potential home field advantage in the Grand Prix final. Can't wait to hear the crowd...