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Nerves Get to Kim In Short?

I haven't been able to watch the Grand Prix ladies short program yet, as I had to go to work, but International Herald Tribune is reporting that nerves and pressure of being at home did get to Kim in her opening skate, as she popped her lutz jump. Still - she's in first place (by less than a point).

She arrived at a post-competition news conference wiping away tears.

"Because I really wanted to do well in South Korea and because it was my first international competition in Korea, I think I was really nervous... I suppose I was really relieved when it all ended," said Kim, who was forced out of the Four Continents championship here last year because of a hip injury.

Kim faces stiff competition Saturday from Asada, the reigning world champion, who skated a flawless short program with authority and confidence and is only a half-point behind.

If anyone watched the competition, please tell me how a Kim who popped one of her jumps finished ahead of a flawless Asada. Obviously it's components, but, wow. It will be interesting to see what tricks Asada pulls in the final tomorrow, and if Kim can get over the nerves of being hometown (country) hero.