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Jeremy Abbott Wins Men's Grand Prix!!!

Well. I guess American men's skating is not doing too badly, since Jeremy Abbott just won the Grand Prix Final and Johnny Weir finished third. Japan's Takahiko Kozuka came in third in the free skate to win the silver. Unfortunately, France's Brian Joubert withdrew with a back injury. Let's hope he gets healthy in time to compete the rest of the season.

I will give a recap on Grand Prix thoughts once I've actually been able to watch all the skating, but here are the men's results below. I'm impressed that Abbott not only won, but it was a commanding victory - I'm wondering if Abbott will get any attention now at Nationals or if it will still be all about Weir and Lysacek?

And once again, my predictions were wrongarino, but of course, my winner dropped out and I like this result better so that's ok.

1) Jeremy Abbott (237.72)

2) Takahiko Kozuka (224.63)

3) Johnny Weir (215.50)

4) Tomas Verner (206.65)

5) Patrick Chan (205.16)