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Abbott is Athlete of the Week

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USA's Jeremy Abbott, fresh off of his Grand Prix Final victory, has been named "Athlete of the Week" by USA Today.

But when you win the Grand Prix Finals, as Jeremy Abbott did over the weekend, the Athlete of the Week award is yours, hands down. Abbott, a 23-year-old Colorado native, won the Cup of China earlier this year, and proved it was no fluke with a win at the finals in Korea.

He placed second in the short program and won the free skate handily to win the event. He's the first American male to win the event and his overall 237.72 was the highest-ever score recorded by an American man at an ISU event. Johnny Weir earned bronze on the strength of a second in the free skate and a fourth in the short program. Abbott posted personal best scores in the short program, free skate and overall total.

Congrats to Jeremy. I am loving the recognition he is getting. Nationals is going to be gooood.