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Sasha Cohen to Make Olympic Decision Next Summer

Looks like Philip Hersh will have to wait a bit longer to see if his dreams have come true and Sasha Cohen is coming back to amateur skating to save the United States' medal hopes. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Cohen will decide next summer if she is going to try to make the 2010 Olympics.

It sounds like Cohen is definitely seriously trying to figure out whether she can get into the shape she needs to be in to compete with the big girls.

"Right now I'm in the process of training and seeing where my skill level is at," she said, adding that she has worked with different coaches and has skated in Lake Arrowhead but hasn't chosen a coach for Olympic-level preparation.

"I haven't really trained since the last time around. And I'll take all that into consideration and see if I think that I can do it and be competitive."

After Cohen left the competitive scene she stayed busy pursuing an acting career and skating in shows. She has put acting on hold--"I realized you can only do one thing well at once and although I loved acting, my skating suffered a lot when I was taking time away from it," she said--and is gearing up for the Stars on Ice tour.

As beautiful as Cohen skates, I am not sure her jumping is going to be strong or consistent enough to make a serious bid for an Olympic medal. The time frame she's set up makes sense, though, and I'll be looking forward to her decision. And it would definitely add some additional intrigue to the mix.