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GPF Pairs Final Thoughts

This will have to be short since I watched them all more than a week ago. I don't have any memory of the short programs either. We'll try to kick it off with one word descriptions:

SAD: When Russia's Mukhortova and Trankov started their free skate I didn't think they were going to do too badly for the first minute and a half. Then they started erring, first with jumps, then with spins, and finally a botched lift was the last straw. What a sad performance.

SHAKY: A lot of mistakes in both Kawaguchi and Smirnov's short and free skates. I'm glad they got fourth in the free skate, but if they keep scattering mistakes throughout their programs, they will only be able to medal if the top pairs falter (enough).

FORGETTABLE: Ukraine's Volosozhar and Morozov had a fair performance, the requisite mistakes and two-footed landings. Not very notable.

ICK: Savenchko and Skolkowy's performance was not good at all. And then Icenetwork cut it off (and I notice they never fixed it?) so that was annoying. But it was a mercy kill, I think.

MEH: Zhang and Zhang of China had some major errors, but it wasn't terrible. But not enough to overtake the 1st place spot.

GOOD: Pang and Tong were very good; I programmed myself to think they weren't going to win though and I remember not thinking they were going to win even after their fine performance. That is terrible of me (although, from what I've read, they felt the same way)! I think their win makes the season a lot more exciting; it seems like it's not just between two pairs now.