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Nationals Roundup

Well, several countries have been holding their national figure skating championships over the past week. And here are some notable titles, per Icenetwork:


Brian Joubert withdrew from the French championships due to the injury that was plaguing him during the Grand Prix Final. Enter Yannick Ponsero, who had some flashy performances during the Grand Prix this year and took the French title. He took advantage of free skate errors by Alban Preaubert, who many thought might win the title in Joubert's absence. So perhaps Joubert now feels not only Preaubert, but also Ponsero breathing down his neck in France!

In the ice dancing competition, Delobel and Schoenfelder withdrew due to injury as well on the heels of their Grand Prix Final victory. Pechalat and Bourzat were able to edge Carron and Jost for the win.

Candace Didier won the short and long programs in the ladies event to win her third national title, while 14-year-old Mae Berenice Meit was the silver medalist. And Canac and Coia, the 2007 champs, won the pairs competition.


Let's not kid ourselves and pretend anyone wants to know anything but whether Kiira Korpi is back. Yes, she's back and she bested Laura Lepisto for the national title, her first. Lepisto was second while Susanna Poykio was third.


Carolina Kostner captured the title, no surprise there. Faiella and Scali won the ice dance title, followed by Cappellini / Lanotte in second.


Volosozhar and Morozov "decided" not to compete nationals. I feel like nationals in US are a bigger deal than they are maybe in other countries, since there have been quite a lot of dropouts it seems.

Anna Zadorozhniuk and Sergei Verbillo won their first pairs title.

The Icenetwork article is very helpful as it breaks down how the titles have affected the rankings.