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Finalists for 2011 National Championships Named

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The News-Record in Greensboro, North Carolina reports that Greensboro and Kansas City, Missouri have been named as finalists to host the 2011 U.S. National Figure Skating Championships.

According to Marc Bush, of the Greensboro Sports Commission:

"My understanding is that USA Figure Skating has never done a national championship in the Southeast and we are anxious to have it here in Greensboro," said Bush, who worked with Raleigh-based sports promoter Hill Carrow to lure the event.

"Our attraction mainly is the coliseum complex which has management experience in place with the ACC and NCAA championships that prove we can do this."

Bush said he anticipates a final decision on whether the city will receive the event in the coming weeks.

That could likely come at the end of this year's championships held later this month in Cleveland.

The article states that the winning city can expect a $30 million economic boost.