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Johnny Weir's Latest Blog Entry Recounts Trials and Tribulations

Johnny Weir updated his journal yesterday and oh, what a season it's been for him. Apparently he had been plagued by boot problems from the summer through the beginning of the Grand Prix season. He finally figured out that his left boot was totally warped, so now he's skating with one old boot and one new boot. Additionally, he details his illness situation. Poor guy...I am hoping he can stay healthy (and avoid any foot problems) through the rest of the season.

Here is a snippet about Skate America:

My short program had some big mistakes, but I thought my long program went pretty well for not really having the training time I'm used to. The fans in the arena were fantastic and I was so excited to see so many Johnny's Angels there. I think a lot of people could tell something was wrong with me by the way I was landing my jumps and spinning inappropriately slow and tripping on footwork and other such niceties. In any event I came out as the top American with a silver medal, yet again, losing a title by a double toe loop. In what world do I live in, that a senior men's competition can be determined by a double toe loop.? It's all very silly to me, still, even after losing by a double toe loop. not once but twice. I am not naive and I understand this skating/artistic/mathematics/sport/contest, but come on.

Heh. I feel like if this is a problem that has been plaguing him there is an easy solution. TRIPLE TOE LOOP! Or quad!? Actually, I have no memory of the toe loop situation, so I'm going to go back and watch again. woo.