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McLaughlin and Brubaker Win Second Pairs Title

Keauna McLaughlin and Rockne Brubaker won their second pairs title in a row last night. She was fighting a virus and was gutsy even to go out there; she fell but the strength of their program and quality of the elements pulled them through. Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett, surprise leaders after the short, skated a clean free skate but only scored enough for the silver medal. However, they really inspired me. They fought for every move, and hopefully when they mature a bit more and get some better choreography, they'll be rewarded more for their performances (although the crowd was definitely on their side, I heard some boos after it was determined they were only in second). Rena Inoue and John Baldwin held on for the bronze.

Championship Pairs

Final Results

Place Name Points SP FS
1 Keauna McLaughlin, Los Angeles FSC
Rockne Brubaker, Broadmoor SC
178.76 2 1
2 Caydee Denney, Southwest Florida FSC
Jeremy Barrett, Southwest Florida FSC
176.27 1 2
3 Rena Inoue, All Year FSC
John Baldwin, All Year FSC
171.08 3 3
4 Amanda Evora, Southwest Florida FSC
Mark Ladwig, Red River Valley FSC
159.95 6 4
5 Brooke Castile, Arctic FSC
Benjamin Okolski, Arctic FSC
157.01 5 6
6 Chloe Katz, SC of New York
Joseph Lynch, SC of New York
156.15 7 5
7 Caitlin Yankowskas, Colonial FSC
John Coughlin, Kansas City FSC
153.67 4 8
8 Tiffany Vise, Broadmoor SC
Derek Trent, Broadmoor SC
148.91 8 7
9 Laura Lepzinski, Detroit SC
Ethan Burgess, All Year FSC
141.21 12 9
10 Jessica Rose Paetsch, Broadmoor SC
Drew Meekins, N/A
130.87 10 10
11 MeeRan Trombley, Broadmoor SC
Laureano Ibarra, All Year FSC
129.61 9 12
12 Lindsay Davis, All Year FSC
Alexander Merritt, Los Angeles FSC
125.33 11 14
13 Bianca Butler, All Year FSC
Joseph Jacobsen, All Year FSC
124.46 15 11
14 Stephanie Kuban, Broadmoor SC
Steven Elefante, SC of North Carolina
123.21 16 13
15 Lisa Moore, ISC of Fort Collins
Justin Gaumond, All Year FSC
112.57 17 16
16 Andrea Best, Detroit SC
Trevor Young, Detroit SC
112.15 19 15
17 Chelsi Guillen, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Danny Curzon, Coyotes SC of Arizona
108.06 13 18
18 Jennifer Brunn, Arctic Blades FSC
Don Baldwin, Los Angeles FSC
105.99 14 19
19 Kendra Moyle, Arctic FSC
Steven Pottenger, Dallas FSC
105.43 18 17