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Jeremy Abbott Wins First National Title

Jeremy Abbott won his first U.S. National Championship last night. It was only a fair free skate (although his short program was a thing of beauty, as usual) but it was enough to keep the lead. Charging hard behind him was Brandon Mroz, who landed a quad and had a great skate. Man obviously has to work on his program components to up that score, but wow. Evan Lysacek went for the quad/triple combination, which he landed beautifully in practice but then of course fell on in the competition. I know he was going for broke, but it would have been interesting if he had just skated triples and skated cleanly, because Abbott's skate had watered down jumps and it would have been nicer to see him really focus and go for it. Maybe he did, but there was something about his loop that made me think he figured he had it in the bag or something. Anyway, we'll see more at worlds... Sadly, Johnny Weir popped another triple axel, and fell on a jump. He did not look good here - came in fifth overall.


01/18/2009 - 01/25/2009

Championship Men

Final Results

Place Name Points SP FS
1 Jeremy Abbott, Broadmoor SC 241.89 1 1
2 Brandon Mroz, Broadmoor SC 229.70 4 2
3 Evan Lysacek, DuPage FSC 229.10 2 4
4 Ryan Bradley, Broadmoor SC 221.40 5 3
5 Johnny Weir, SC of New York 203.99 7 5
6 Curran Oi, SC of Boston 194.03 6 8
7 Adam Rippon, SC of New York 193.76 12 6
8 Parker Pennington, Winterhurst FSC 192.48 3 10
9 Stephen Carriere, SC of Boston 185.31 8 11
10 Tommy Steenberg, SC of Northern Virginia 184.99 14 7
11 Dennis Phan, All Year FSC 183.25 9 12
12 Shaun Rogers, University of Delaware FSC 175.72 10 13
13 Eliot Halverson, Ann Arbor FSC 171.14 18 9
14 Douglas Razzano, Coyotes SC of Arizona 164.14 16 14
15 William Brewster, Detroit SC 152.80 13 16
16 Jonathan Cassar, Detroit SC 151.10 17 15
17 Jason Wong, SC of Boston 140.73 11 17
W Nicholas LaRoche, All Year FSC 15
W Scott Smith, Salt Lake Figure Skating