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Pang and Tong on a roll, Defend Four Continents Title

Chinese pair Pang and Tong won the Four Continents pairs title yesterday. That makes two international competitions in a row for them after they claimed the Grand Prix Final in December. Pang and Tong won the title last year as well. Canadians Dube and Davison were more than ten points behind in second, while Chinese couple Zhang and Zhang came in third. I haven't been able to watch because my Icenetwork has been wonky (boo to Icenetwork, by the way, for the time I've wasted on the phone with them this season). But the scores will be posted once I can get them off of the web site. As for the Americans, it seems the younger teams had rather unfortunate showings in the short program with mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. The younger teams rallied though, and McLaughlin and Brubaker finished fifth while Denney and Barrett jumped to sixth. Inoue and Baldwin were in seventh.