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Czisny Might Upgrade Long Program Difficulty

Way down in this sort of unnecessary Fabulous Forum post about how Czisny is trying to be more confident this season (sorry, I'm burned out on these types of articles...I'm more in the "put up or shut up" phase of skating fandom), there is also a mention of how Czisny might add some difficulty to her long program:

Czisny also said she might tinker with her long program before the world championships to add more "content" that would enable her to earn a higher score. Every point will count: the placements at the world championships will determine the number of entries each country can send to the Vancouver Olympics.

"I think winning the nationals and having that title behind me should give me confidence going into worlds," she said.

It sounds very tentative...she "might tinker." But I think that's a great idea, even though it will mean she'll be doing some new elements to the program at worlds. It's obvious that her jumps are not consistent, and if she can squeeze some more points in there it will be ambitious, which I think can translate to the attitude the skater takes on the ice (rather than complacency) and we need all the points we can get. Again, the judges seem to want to reward someone like Czisny - her skating is beautiful. Why not give them more opportunity to do so if you possibly can?