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Nagasu Drops Out of Junior Worlds

U.S. 2008 National Champion Mirai Nagasu, who finished fifth at this year's Nationals, has dropped out of the Junior World Championships in order to let an ankle injury heal. Per the International Herald Tribune:

Nagasu has been bothered by a right ankle injury she suffered earlier in the season and has yet to fully recover. She finished a disappointing fifth while defending her title at the national championships in January.

"After the U.S. Championships, I met with my doctor and was advised to take some time off to heal," Nagasu said. "It was a very hard decision to make, but my doctor and I agreed that it was in my best interest.

I'm happy to hear Nagasu is resting her ankle. This season has been difficult and disappointing for her (although hopefully she's learned and matured) and I'd love for her to be healthy next season so she can aim for a spot in the Olympics. Katrina Hacker, who finished 6th at Nationals, will replace Nagasu at Worlds, which take place in Sofia, Bulgaria at the end of February.