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EEE(k)! Scott Hamilton Fired From Celebrity Apprentice

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Well, there is a good and a bad side to Scott Hamilton being fired from the second episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The good? I don't have to watch this show anymore! The bad? I want Scott Hamilton to be successful in everything he does and get money for his cancer charity. But, I have to admit that I thought he deserved the boot tonight for some bad decisions.

The task was to come up with a comic hero for Both the men's and women's side came up with fairly similar heroes and storylines. But for some reason, Hamilton named the men's hero "EEE." Rather than Z, or anything that made sense. He was stressing everything, everywhere, everytime or something to that effect. Unfortunately, the women's team emphasized the "Z," logically, and they ended up prevailing.

Hamilton was project manager on this job, and he did not have an easy time of it. He was mostly butting heads with Tom Green. Green was ridiculous much of the time, but Hamilton should have listened to him on the name topic. I'm not saying they would have won, but he would have looked a bit better.

Scott was too nice for this show to begin with, but he didn't do a great job managing a tough personality. I've never seen anyone not look bad on "The Apprentice" and I really hate the celebrity version. I know it was for a good cause but maybe next time he can try for "Dancing With the Stars" like Yamaguchi.