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Required Elements Exclusive Interview with Sasha Cohen

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While at Stars on Ice I also had the chance to interview Sasha Cohen. The first time I tried to interview her after the Michael Weiss Foundation show she was quite hard to pin down. This time went much better and she was nice and chatty.

RE: What's the difference between preparing for something like the Olympics and preparing for something like Stars on Ice?

SC: This, it's a choreographed show, where we have to learn to do ensemble numbers and group numbers and you learn to pace yourself because we do a show, we drive 500 miles, do a show, drive 500 miles, and when you're doing eight shows in ten days, it's just a different kind of stamina that you acquire, being able to perform anytime, anywhere. A little bit less pressure, but definitely more grueling.

RE: Everybody has reported that you're going to tell everyone in June whether you're going to go for the Olympics.

SC: Yep.

RE: Is it a physical thing?

SC: It's basically if I'm improving the way I'd like to be. If I'm feeling healthy, if my body's good and competitive. Those are kind of the factors that I'm going to look at in June.

RE: A lot of writers are almost begging you (and Michelle Kwan) to come back and save U.S. Ladies Figure skating. Do you think it needs saving? What do you think of the current crop?

SC: I think people are maybe a little bit disappointed that we haven't had U.S. medalists in awhile. But, it goes that way. Countries have strong years and times when they don't have people on the podium. But it's just nice to be wanted back.

RE: Does it put extra pressure on you?

SC: No, not really. There's going to be so much pressure from every way anyways, it doesn't really register, I guess.

RE: Have you been watching the ladies this year? Is there anybody you think particularly has a lot of potential to medal at the Olympics?

SC: U.S. ladies?

RE: U.S. ladies.

SC: I don't know. It's hard to tell because every year there's different people on top and everyone's strong at different times. I couldn't really tell you who would it be right now though.

RE: If you decide that you're not going to go for the Olympics, are you going to keep skating?

SC: Yeah, I think so. Time will tell. I kind of play it month by month, in the moment. But I definitely want to keep skating for awhile.

RE: I've read that you design costumes.

SC: I do, I design all of my solo number outfits and I've done that since I was 12 years old.

RE: Where do you get the inspiration? Is it the music that you're skating to, is it something else?

SC: Definitely the music - you see something. You see colors, designs, and I start sketching and keep going until I'm like - that's it! And then I work with a designer and we do fittings and beading samples and dye samples.

RE: Is there a particular designer you'd like to work with or meet?

SC: I don't know - I admire so many that I couldn't really single anybody out.

RE: What's your favorite part of Stars on Ice this year?

SC: I love the cast. We're such good friends and I know they're always there for me, and it's so much fun to be out on the road with them and be able to perform everyday and we're always there supporting each other, whether we feel good or bad or however it is, and it's nice to have that network of support.

RE: Back to the Olympics - You've won the silver medal already. Would you go back if you thought you could be competitive, or would you not go back unless you thought you could win the gold?

SC: No, it's not about winning the gold. It's about being competitive, pushing yourself. And feeling that you belong, I think.

RE: Would it be weird for you if both you and Michelle Kwan went back?

SC: No, it would be cool. It would be like old times. But this sport throws everything at you, anything's possible.

RE: Scott Hamilton's on "Celebrity Apprentice." Kristi Yamaguchi won "Dancing With the Stars." If you could be on any reality television program, what would it be?

SC: I think I'd like to do "Dancing With the Stars" because I'd love to learn how to dance, you know, I always do everything by myself, so it would be fun to learn all the different rhythms and the beats of all the different dances.

Then she told us to be sure to cheer for the men skating around in their sleeveless tanks. Heh. Adorable.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for our last Stars on Ice interview!