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More Confidence for Evan Lysacek?

An article in the LA Times says that former U.S. Champ Evan Lysacek recently visited with choreographer Lori Nichols in Canada to tweak his programs. He wanted to get some more points out of the scoring system, but that's not all:

Lysacek, twice a world bronze medalist and twice a U.S. champion -- but a dispirited third at this year's national competition -- believes she worked her magic again during their sessions.

"She said a big thing this season is freedom," he said Thursday after a practice session at the Toyota Center. "There are so many intricacies in the program now that there's really few people who go out like 'I'm free as a bird and so glad to be out here.' Because you're constantly thinking and nitpicking at each and every element as you're going through the routine.

"But she said that's really important, so that's what we worked on, pushing out everything and gaining speed whenever I can."

I do hope it worked. So many skaters are so in their own minds under this scoring system that I really love it when skaters just let loose and make the most of being out there. I also love that Evan Lysacek is trying to make these changes.

On the subject of changing programs, a while back we heard what seems to have been a throwaway remark from ladies champ Alissa Czisny about upgrading the scoring capability of her long program, but I have no idea whether she followed through or not. If you've heard anything else about her, let me know! As for Flatt, she actually switched back to her old long program.