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Rachael Flatt to Work with Dorothy Hamill

Two-time U.S. Ladies Silver Medalist Rachael Flatt will be working with Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill on her way to trying to make the 2010 Olympic team, according to the Del Mar Times. Before I read this article yesterday, I was thinking about how Flatt will hopefully show up with an entirely new look next year so that she can score some points with the judges. She has the jumping consistency (usually), now she needs an elegant and mature look. According to the article, Flatt also recently partnered with MAC Cosmetics and Reading is Fundamental.

Also on the Rachael Flatt front is an LA Times bit about a day in her life. She is taking a bunch of AP classes while still training, which is pretty impressive to me. Those classes take a lot of work! Plus she also watches "The Office." I knew I liked her!