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World Skating Hall of Fame Class to be Unducted at Worlds

A new World Skating Hall of Fame class will be inducted at the upcoming World Championships, which start this weekend in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Times. Among the inductees are two-time Olympic Silver Medalist from Canada Brian Orser, who will be at the worlds coaching his student Yu-na Kim. Among other inductees:

  • Aja Zanova - first world champion to defect from an Eastern bloc country (Czechoslovakia)
  • Pairs World Champions Barbara Underhill and Paul Martini of Canada
  • Joyce Hisey, ice dance silver medalist from Canada who later became a judge
  • Willy Bietak, Austrian pairs champion whose production company produced opening and closing ceremonies at 2002 Olympics
  • Nikolai Penin-Kolomenkin, six-time Russian champ who skated under a pseudonym because skating was frowned upon when he was competing.

Congrats to all the inductees! Here is where you can buy tickets to the Hall of Fame reception.