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"This is my Louis Vuitton, and this is my fur. Deal with it."

One of my old journalism school classmates, Andrew Harmon, has a great article in the Los Angeles Times today about the evolution of U.S. male figure skating fashion. Here's an excerpt:

Skaters used to be threatened with point deductions for outlandish costumes. Not so under the sport's current scoring system, implemented after a judging scandal at the 2002 Winter Olympics. "I think a lot of male skaters see [embellished costumes] as part of the whole package, that it will enhance their marks," says Evan Lysacek, a two-time U.S. champion. "Maybe it's helping. If you don't skate very fast, and you have a shiny outfit, it looks like you're going faster. With a simple costume, you can't hide behind much."

There are also some quotes from Jeremy Abbott and of course, the king of figure skating fashion, Johnny Weir. Be sure to check it out!