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Joubert's Response to Chan

Yesterday Brian Joubert responded to Patrick Chan's remarks from a couple of days ago.

"So I am a bad guy, sorry," France's Joubert said after his practice session on Tuesday.

Both 18-year-old Chan and 24-year-old Joubert are competing at the World Figure Skating Championships which began on Tuesday at the Staples Center Arena.

"I don't understand why he said that," Joubert said of Chan. "I am very surprised. Because he is a nice guy. So I don't understand. Maybe he is disappointed about what I said from last season."

Joubert, unsurprisingly, does not agree with Chan's assessment that he is a sore loser. Read more in the AFP article. Let's hope that now, all the talking will be done on the ice. I have said many cheesy things in my life, but that one was close to the cheesiest. I hope.