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Sorry, I was a little excited. Because after watching several skaters stumble their way through watered down programs, American Evan Lysacek came out there and Won. He was clean, and he sold it, and he was great. And all without the quad! heh. There are some major reasons why this is a great story.

-Evan Lysacek could not get any respect from the judges in his first two Grand Prix events. He didn't even qualify for the Grand Prix final. He retooled his programs a bit and worked on his jumping, but came back and had a problematic free skate in the national championships, where he finished in third place. But since then, he has absolutely peaked, landing the quad at Four Continents and coming to his adopted hometown and skating two amazing programs - wow. Great job. Oh, and apparently he has a stress fracture in his left foot. YIKES. rest that foot for next year!

-The quad controversies between Frenchman Brian Joubert and Canadian Patrick Chan and their sparring all week. In comes Evan Lysacek, who perhaps learned a very important lesson after the years of media hype about his rivalry with Johnny Weir (and some provocative comments from Weir himself): just shut up and skate. Nice to see him quietly do his thing.

As for the other medalists, slightly disappointing skates from both. Joubert could not hang onto a clean landing on his second triple axel, and then he just stumbled and fell after his double axel at the end of the program. Chan had some jumping problems himself but nothing too bad, it just wasn't his greatest performance. The night belonged to Lysacek.

More info later.