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Domnina and Shabalin Win Ice Dance Worlds; Belbin and Agosto 2nd

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Well, I never have been able to gauge ice dancing and I guess I just never will. I thought Domnina and Shabalin were the fourth best performance tonight (at best!) and looked positively sluggish at points. I would never have guessed their program was as difficult as Belbin and Agosto's, Virtue and Moir's (they took the bronze), and Davis and White's. But what do I know? The Russians won, and Belbin and Agosto were second, again. But what a great night of ice dancing, no matter what the scores were. So much passion and such great performances. Virtue and Moir just killing their Pink Floyd program, looking absolutely sensational and sucha creative piece. The drama and emotion of Belbin/Agosto and Davis/White. How about Kerr and Kerr, who didn't have a chance to medal but still put on such a show? And the theatrics of Domnina and Shabalin. It was a very fun night of skating. I did think Belbin and Agosto were a bit tight in their performance, but they were also so precise and sharp, and kept that energy up through the whole skate. If Domnina and Shabalin won tonight over all these teams that I thought did better (and more difficult) programs, I am going to go ahead and guess it will be a two-horse race next year (if everyone stays healthy): Domnina and Shabalin vs. Delobel and Schoenfelder for Olympic gold. But you never know what's going to happen....