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Fashion Blogging the World Championships

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I have done one other fashion blog this season so if it seems like anything is missing, you might find it there. Here are some observations on the outfits we were privileged to see at the world championships.

Elena Gedevanishvili of Georgia had a great free skate at the world championships this year, and she ended up the night in 10th place. Unfortunately, she did all of this wearing my neon pink and green tap costume from 1990. Day-glo was cooler then, but I appreciate her attempts to bring it back.

Best quick change from maitre-d to Rico Suave: Your 2009 World Champion Evan Lysacek. I will admit I didn't love the cushy blue tuxedo, but who knew that two days later at the ladies free skate Evan would be stepping out in a v-necked shirt that showed off his various gold necklaces, a blazer, and some sort of floppy 1970s hair-do? Not me. I think he's performing at the Copa Cabana all week.

Best nail/costume coordination: Japan's Mao Asada. I especially like how her nails reflect the sparklies on her costume. And I feel like I've seen this before from her. Well done.

Alex P. Keaton impersonation I can most get behind: Ice dancer Matthieu Jost of France. There were several other vests donned in this figure skating competition, but his was the only one I saw that appeared to be an argyle sweater vest. I am a sucker for a sweater vest.

Couple with the most egregious crucifix obsession: Tanith Belbin and Evan Lysacek. No, they didn't skate together. But Lysacek wore a cross during his short program and Belbin rocked a rather large one during her free skate. Way to ward off vampires, guys.

Dear Jana Khokhlova: Tinkerbell called and would like her dress and hair color back. However, you can keep the hat. Toodles!

Too Cool for School Award: Canada's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in the free skate. I don't know if I saw any sequins at all, and I feel like maybe I've worn each of their outfits to yoga or something. I loved their free skate but I was quite distracted by her pants leg warmers and how low on the boot they were. I'm fairly certain that if I tried to skate in those pants I would face plant. Which would be more entertaining than my skating anyway. They definitely fit the Pink Floyd vibe.

I loved Belbin and Agosto's original dance and her outfit was superb. But Agosto? Maybe next time, a little less Saturday night fever.

Speaking of Saturday night fever, there is going to be a South Beach club dance-off! In one corner, Canadian Vaughn "What do you mean I'm not on the VIP list? Have you SEEN my shirt?" Chipeur. In the other corner, Brian "mesh is the new black" Joubert. But, there is word that Joubert will only dance if the club plays the Matrix soundtrack. Sigh...why is he being so difficult!? Don't forget the glow sticks!

Skeletor Award: Kevin van der Perren reminds me of the Halloween scene in Karate Kid where the "bad guys" are dressed as skeletons and they chase down our hero, Daniel LaRusso, who is dressed as a...shower. Note to van der Perren: bad guys wear visible bones! Don't be a bad guy.

When I was younger and I read the book Heidi, I always thought that Heidi would stay in the mountains with the grandfather and marry the goat herder Peter and be happy. I did not think that Heidi would grow up to join a brothel. But Maria Mukhortova has proved me wrong. Damn you, Maria!