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Brian Joubert's New Coach Announced

Brian Joubert, the former world champion and recent world bronze medalist from France, has a new coach, according to IFS Magazine. His new (old) coach will be Laurent Depouilly, whom he worked with back in 2004. Tatiana Tarasova will be choreography, and Lucinda Ruh will continue to work with Joubert on his spins.

Being Joubert, this move couldn't be made without controversy or criticism. Joubert says that his former coach, Jean-Christophe Simond, was not present enough for the skater, an accusation Simond denies.

Joubert claimed that problems with Simond started in January 2007 at the European Championships, which were held in Warsaw. Joubert won that title, one of three European crowns he has claimed, including this year’s title. "Jean-Christophe was not enough present in Poitiers," Joubert said. "He was only there for 125 days per year."

That statement was strongly denied by Simond. "Saying that was unbearable [for me to hear]," he said. "That I was in Poitiers for only four months was a true lie. I was spending seven months [there] and I can prove it.

"I really feel betrayed. In order to work with him, I had to put aside my private life (Simond's family lives in Nice, some 550 miles away). This is ugly and I don’t want to get involved in this controversy and this kind of trial. His close circle might be giving him bad advice. I believe it is their decision, not his."

The article states that Joubert has had five coaching changes in the past five-and-a half years. Let's hope he finally finds what he's looking for.