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You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can't Drag a Figure Skater Anywhere

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In what has to be the most creeptastic quote of the week, Phil Hersh quotes the president of the French ice sports federation, Didier Gailhauguet (read about him and his credibility here), as saying the following about Brian Joubert:

"...has told French figure skating star Brian Joubert in no uncertain terms how the federation wants him to prepare for the Olympic season. (Joubert, 2007 world champion and 2008 silver medalist, dumped his coach after finishing third at last month’s worlds in Los Angeles.) "I’m not going to put a rope around his neck to lead him (Joubert) where I think he should go, but if Brian rejects our plan, he will no longer have our trust,"Gailhaguet told the French sports newspaper, L’Equipe."

Sounds like a threat to me! I am assuming they want Joubert to cultivate new programs that don't use the Matrix music and that are a bit more mature and artistic, all good things. But maybe they also have some technical advice too, who knows. I highly doubt the French federation would give up its best chance at a men's medal next year even if Joubert doesn't play by its rules, but perhaps I am wrong.