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Best Yu-na Kim Controversy Yet!

World Champion figure skater from Korea, Yu-na Kim, is extremely popular. She also seems to inadvertently attrack a lot of controversy. I am guessing that this stems mainly from the fact that people can't get enough of Kim news! To satisfy that desire, here is a new one from The Korea Times. Apparently, the president of Korea University, Lee Ki-su, is trying to take credit for Kim's recent world championships success (on behalf of the university).

Lee said that KU pumped the spirit of the school into Kim so that she could win the World Figure Skating Championship 2009.

``We can say KU delivered Kim,'' Lee told a forum at a meeting arranged by Kwanhun Club, a senior journalists' group in Seoul.

``You can tell Kim made totally different performances from the ones she performed during her high school era.

``It is a result of the injection of the KU spirit into her. I called and told her a leader in the 21st century should retain an ethnic, pioneering spirit and a conviction for victory."

KU admitted Kim last October after interviewing her over the Internet from Toronto. Since officially starting her course in April she has seldom attended class ― despite being registered as a student of the sports department.

That is awesome/crazy! Apparently, there was also an ad for KU that stated that it delivered this world leader, Yu-na Kim. heh. Many KU students and others are critical of the president's remarks. I think he is working under the adage of "if you've got it, flaunt it." Especially when it's somebody as popular as Kim!