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Looks Like a Comeback for Sasha Cohen!

Well, Philip Hersh says Sasha Cohen has alerted U.S. Figure Skating that she would accept an invitation to compete in Skate America, which indicates that she has decided to embark on the road to Vancouver 2010! Apparently, a formal announcement about the comeback should come next week. She is going to work with coach Rafael Arutunian, who coached Michelle Kwan and Mao Asada.

"I'm very excited about doing this," said Cohen, 24, who has not competed since winning a bronze medal at the 2006 world championships.

USFS spokesperson Scottie Bibb said the organization would withhold comment until a May 14 teleconference to announce Cohen's intentions.

I am assuming Cohen is making the announcement now, rather than waiting until June (as she had told Required Elements and various other sources as the time she'd make her decision) because the Grand Prix invitation decisions will be made at the end of this month. Apparently, because Cohen did not participate in the Grand Prix last year, she needs to be invited by event organizers in order to get a spot. She mentions in the article that she would like to compete in two Grand Prix events.

I definitely would like to see Cohen participate in the Grand Prix. Not only will it be great to see her back competing, but it will also give us a better idea of her competitiveness to see her go against the international skaters, who are far more formidable than the Americans, in my opinion. And it will make it seem less of a novelty if she shows up at Nationals (which she can automatically compete at because she medaled in the most recent Olympics).

However, Cohen is apparently dealing with tendinitis right now, so hopefully she'll recover from that quickly after Stars on Ice is over and she'll be ready to train in June!