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Cohen Tops A-Rod

Not really adding anything to the news, but as a transplanted New Yorker, I am LOVING that Filip Bondy in the New York Daily News says that Cohen is upstaging the rehabilitated Alex Rodriguez, who is set to return to the Yankees today. I know he's kind of joking and pretty much just insulting A-Rod, but he includes some quotes from her conference call today in which she announced her return.

"I hate to be a person who talks and talks and doesn't act," Cohen said, during a conference call.

"This is my last chance to do something like this, and I didn't want to let it pass me by.

"There's something about figure skating that's so empowering. I know I have another Olympics in me. I know what makes my clock tick."

If Cohen knows what makes her clock tick, she is way ahead of A-Rod, who is very confused about the hour of the day along with everything else.