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Pop Star on Ice with Johnny Weir Debuts this Month

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Well, Johnny Weir is just a documentary magnet, isn't he!? He is the subject of the documentary "Pop Star on Ice," which debuts later this month at the Seattle Film Festival. reports that the movie will eventually make its way to the Sundance Channel. I hope it doesn't conflict with Johnny's documentary television show, "Be Good Johnny Weir," which is supposed to be on the Sundance Channel later this year. IMDB says there will be many fabulous skaters in this doc.

I also hope there is a segment in either the movie or the show about the making of Weir's exhibition to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," because I cannot tell you how many articles and blog posts I've seen on his performances to that song this year. Many more mentions (and over a longer period of time) than I have seen on anyone else's competitive accomplishments. Very savvy choice, Weir.