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Plushenko Coming Back (?)

Stop me if you've heard this one!

Reigning Olympic Gold Medalist Yevgeny Plushenko has been included in a "preliminary" team for Vancouver in Russia pending his results from a medical exam, per Reuters. The gem of the article:

He has repeatedly stated his desire to make a comeback and was planning his first competitive start at last year's Russian grand prix meeting in November but abandoned the plan because of lack of training.

"I've already discussed his (Plushenko's) plans with his coach Alexei Mishin but I want to talk directly with Yevgeny before we make a final decision," said Piseyev.

Lack of training! Who'd of thought? Well, let's hope that Plushenko is serious this time, as he has reportedly been working on his jumps. Because this is seriously about the twelfth time a comeback has been announced for him since I've been blogging. And I've only been blogging since February of 2008. Good luck, Plushenko. If he truly comes back, though, this is a guy who does the quads (if he still does them) and gets high artistic marks. So, watch out.