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Pop Star on Ice: Did You See It?

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The Johnny Weir documentary "Pop Star on Ice" was set to premiere at the Seattle Film Festival the other day. I am wondering what everyone thought. I have only found a blog review so far.

From Three Imaginary Girls:

Pop Star on Ice is very fast-paced and has great access to Weir and those around him (like his coach), although it only touches briefly on Weir’s family and his sexuality (which comes up when a commentator accuses Weir’s programs of being to feminine for male figure skating). The filmmakers love their subject and want the audience to, as well.

The title, which comes from a comment when Weir takes part in a fashion show, is perfect. Johnny Weir is an incredibly talented skater but often unfocused and inconsistent. At the end of his worst season, he fires the only coach he ever had, Priscilla Hill. It was like his divorce from Kevin Federline.

Good news for those of you attending the Newport Film Festival in Rhode Island - I believe they will have a screening of the film there. That festival is next week.