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Figure Skating is for Little Girls (Question Mark)

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The Montreal Fringe Festival will feature a show by former Canadian skater (and short-time Tanith Belbin skating partner, if you believe Wikipedia) Liam Dougherty titled "Figure Skating is for Little Girls." The show starts its run tonight.

Per The Montreal Gazette:

The Fringe has really outdone itself this year, presenting for the first time a show on ice at McGill's McConnell Arena. But triple-lutz lovers, be warned: This one ain't to be confused for Disney on Ice - although it could have Uncle Walt Disney spinning in his final cryogenic resting place.

The paper also promises the show will be bitter and cynical. Still, I would love to see it! Although it does seem a far cry from the Ice Capades shows I went to as a kid. (Anyone remember the one with Super Mario Bros. and Barbie? Anyone?)

Check out more and see a clip from Dougherty here. There is some controversy though; if you check out his Wikipedia page, you'll see that it says that someone keeps editing out the part about "Figure Skating is for Little Girls," and it says:

Since May, Liam’s wikipedia page had been trying to update the public and his fans about his upcoming performance but to his and fans surprise, someone keeps editing his page and omitting this major part of his life. Perhaps his actions in participating in such a show does not fair well with past supporters who are afraid of what might be said at one of his shows. Liam has been reached for comment to no avail.

Oh, it's all so dramatic! If anyone sees the show and would like to report back, I am definitely intrigued.