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Because I do not read enough, I was not aware of the following important deadlines:

September 1: The date when Michelle Kwan absolutely has to decide whether to participate in Skate America (per Baltimore Sun)

End of July: The time that USFSA has asked Kwan to let them know of her decision so they could get a jump on the media campaign (per Asiance)

So, there you have it. When Cohen came back I figured Kwan wasn't going to if she hadn't accepted a Skate America slot yet. But at this point, it seems obvious to me she wants to come back and is just taking all the time she can to see if she's physically able to, otherwise she would likely have told everyone by now (because the spotlight right now should be on the potential Olympians). I wonder if all the focus on Cohen and Kwan has made the lives of Flatt, Zhang, et al a bit easier because they can maybe skate under the radar a bit more, or harder because they are now dealing with the prospect of beating out the former medalists for spots on the team. Or...if everything is business as usual.