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Dear Diary

Alissa Czisny and Johnny Weir have some journal entries.

Czisny's entry is a bit disappointing. Makes me appreciate Johnny Weir all the more. She doesn't even mention competing in worlds. Huh?

Weir's entry is kind of long. Here is a notable excerpt regarding life after failing to medal at nationals:

After the competition, I really didn't know what I wanted to do. It had been a disaster on all fronts. I was left off the podium and the World team for the first time since 2003. I had skated terribly. I was so disinterested in my sport and craft. I didn't want to see an ice rink ever again. Worst of all, I felt indifferent to what I was trying to accomplish. There are days when one hates ones own life and choices, but hate is still a form of love, the ultimate betrayal is to be indifferent. I didn't know what I should do to pick myself up. I would go into the rink to skate and leave in tears, I would eat everything I saw in front of me. I was completely and hopelessly falling into an abyss. It took a lot for me personally to swallow my pride and get on with my life. I was so damaged from my failure I suppose that I wasn't seeing anything in the "big picture".

In late February I was invited by V Man magazine to perform at their party for New York Fashion Week. They were having a theme of ice skating and cocktails and I was to be the entertainment. It was the first instance when I was excited for something in a long time. I told Galina Yakovlevna that I was invited and we decided I'd skate to "Feeling Good" because it was a party atmosphere. After a few days of training that program, and just two days before the show, V Man called and said they would like me to skate to "All the Single Ladies" by Beyonce. Hmmm…"All the Single Ladies," NO. I decided I couldn't do that to myself, and I can't dance as well as Beyonce, so I came back at the magazine with other suggestions including "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse, "Keeps Gettin' Better" by Christina Aguilera and "Poker Face" by the magnificent Lady Gaga. V Man contacted me again and said "Poker Face" without questions. Great, two days to get a program ready in a style I don't usually skate in, teach Galina what exactly a Lady Gaga is, pull a costume together and get diva enough to skate to Lady Gaga. No problem.

After Weir's Poker Face performance, he says he began becoming interested in skating again. Thank you, Lady Gaga, you've done it again!

Weir also wrote about his upcoming programs:

David and I finished the short program in two days and did finishing touches for a few after that. The short will really shock people in that it's very me but at the same time, it's a side of me I don't portray or use often. The music is very sexual, especially at the end. I will go back to David in two weeks time to create my Olympic long program which will have a theme of "Fallen Angel" and will be a collection of several different musical selections. I am so excited with the work we've already completed together and what is to come.

I'm excited too!