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Kerrigan Award and Update has an article about Nancy Kerrigan. She'll be receiving an award at "Tradition," a sports fundrasier. The article is about how good Kerrigan was under pressure in 1994. Nothing too new here but if you are a fan, it's worth taking a look at. An excerpt:

How did Kerrigan manage to skate so well under all the pressure?

"You talk about athletes getting in a zone,’’ she starts. "I don’t know that there’s a way to get there. I think it’s when you are faced with something.

And about Harding:

"It’s weird, for sure,’’ says Kerrigan. "We were roommates and toured together. It’s ridiculous. What a waste of talent. People say, ‘She had it hard.’ Well sure, she did, but she had people that were helping her, too.

"So it’s all on which path you choose. It’s the choice that people make. I think once you make one choice, sometimes you get wrapped up in things.’’

"I didn’t want somebody else to take away what I worked so hard for. That’s not right, so it got me really focused. To get in the zone where you don’t see anything else. I think I somehow was forced into that, though it’s unfortunate how it happened.’’