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Craig Buntin, the Entrepreneur

Craig Buntin, of Canadian figure skating pair Meagan Duhamel and Craig Buntin, is featured in this Financial Post article because he is not only training for the Olympics, but he's trying to get a coffee business off the ground, called Teabean Coffee.

"It's kind of tough," admits Mr. Buntin of his schedule leading up to the Vancouver Games. "My days are pretty busy. We've trained out entire lives for this so when we're at the rink, we're focused and I really have to make the separation."

Mr. Buntin trains at a Montreal arena, from 7 a. m. for about six hours. By early afternoon, he leaves to work on his business. Evenings are dedicated to fitness training and doing product research or placing orders online for his business. This past fall and winter, he also took business classes at Concordia University to learn how to run his venture.

He plans to launch his espresso-type coffee business by Aug. 1. The idea came to him while travelling abroad to compete for Canada.

Buntin also said this is likely his last year of competing and he wants something to do when skating is over for him. Good luck to him and the business! I'm so impressed.