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Kimmie Meissner and Regional Competitions?

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A while back I blogged on this Baltimore Sun article about Kimmie Meissner. It ended with this graf:

Before she can set her sights on the Grand Prix season, however, Meissner and coaches Richard Callaghan and Todd Eldredge will test her new material at regional events, most likely at the Liberty Figure Skating Club of Philadelphia's competition, July 17 and 18, or Skate Detroit, July 21-25.

I promised to keep track of whichever competition Meissner was in. Well, Meissner did not compete in the Liberty competition and I cannot find the final roster for Skate Detroit, but I haven't heard any sort of publicity touting Meissner's appearance there. If anyone knows whether Meissner is still competing in a regional competition, let us know!