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The Rumors Are True...

Stephane Lambiel is back! He's yet another retired athlete who just couldn't stay away. He is embarking on a two-week training camp in Canada today, according to Swiss Info. This is a pretty big deal, and it looks like the top male figure skaters have another thing to worry about this season! I love that I have no idea who is going to win, or even medal, in the men's competition at the Olympics this year. If everyone stays healthy, the competition is really going to be stacked...and very exciting!

Lambiel has a bit of a complicated journey ahead of him, because, as his release explains, Switzerland did not qualify for an Olympic men's slot (due to poor performance at the 2009 World Championships). But the release states that Switzerland can get a spot if Lambiel scores in the top six at the Nebelhorn Trophy in Germany in September (I wonder if he'll be ready by then?). Additionally, Swiss Olympic, the Switzerland Olympic federation, requires that a skater score a 195 twice in the season in order to make the Olympics. He has no Grand Prix events, so he has to participate in the Japan Open in October, and he also expects to participate in the European Championships in Estonia.