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Scott Hamilton to Skate in Cleveland in November

Scott Hamilton coming back to the ice gives me the warm fuzzies! YAY. He will be skating in Cleveland on November 7 in the show "An Evening with Scott Hamilton and Friends." It's unclear who the friends will be thus far. Hamilton stopped skating five years ago when he was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Though he had to relearn the most simple of skating maneuvers - like skating backward - after the tumor was treated and shrunk with Gamma Knife surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, Hamilton said he will start working Monday on back flips, his signature move.

Those flips may be part of his act at his Cleveland debut in November.

Learning to skate again "was a very boring process that took every ounce of patience I had," said Hamilton, who hopes for a professional comeback.

"But maybe my experience will inspire other men my age - 'I'm a short, bald, figure skater. What's your excuse?' " said Hamilton, who is a little over 5-foot-2-inches tall and who grew up in Bowling Green. "Get off the couch!"

Tickets go on sale on September 27 at