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Asada's New Combo

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AFP reports that Japan's Mao Asada will be attempting to put a triple toe loop on (one of?) her triple axels this season. Since we (for about the last season) have been at the point where it's becoming obvious that very little can beat World Champion Yu-na Kim, and two triple axels is about what it takes to do so, it's great that Asada is ramping it up. The article also takes a look at the skaters' music choices and thoughts on their new programs.

How much is everyone looking forward to Trophee Eric Bompard? It's almost unfair letting Kim, Asada, Italy's Carolina Kostner, and Sasha Cohen compete against one another so early in the season (it's the first Grand Prix), not to mention Caroline Zhang and Yukari Nakano, but it will be great motivation for whoever does not rise to the top of that field.