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So You Think You Can Dance (Again?)

Canadian skater Emanuel Sandhu has made the top 20 of "So You Think You Can Dance" Canada, per You may remember he was on the show last season as well but could not crack the top 20. You can check out his audition on that site as well.

Sandhu describes himself as a "socially shy" guy but has found that skating and dancing are his form of self-expression. "The deciding factor for me that links the two of them is that performance art aspect…that entertainment aspect, and that’s what is really exciting for me. So to do something that is theatrical is just something that I gravitate to."

With the 2010 Olympics just around the corner, Sandhu is keeping mum on whether he’ll be competing in this year’s Winter Games (to be held in Vancouver), and keeping his focus strictly on the competition. "My focus right now is to take it day by day and week by week," he said, "I think it’s important to remember not to be put the car before the horse in that for me, I want to focus on my dancing and how to make things better."

Ha, I love how the interviewer asks him whether he's competing in the Winter Games, like if he decides he wants to then the spot is his or something (if only it worked that way!). Anyway, good luck Emanuel!