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More Angst for Nagasu

Former U.S. National Champion Mirai Nagasu is becoming my favorite interviewee. Everyone else is so bland and canned, and she just seems to really open up and let it rip. For example, this recent Los Angeles Times article, in which she describes her split from coach Charlene Wong:

"I really wasn't sure what to do because I really liked Charlene but some of the decisions, she and I disagreed with," Nagasu said. "I disagreed with the reactions she had to them, especially at nationals, about how she told me that she was against how I skated. But before that she told me she supported me no matter what, so I felt it was like a stab in the back. I felt a change was needed. I felt that Mr. Carroll was just what I needed.

I remember blogging about Wong's statements; it seemed weird to see a coach so publicly at odds with her skater.

Nagasu also discussed the return of Sasha Cohen. Now, while if I were a PR person I would have had Nagasu say that she enjoys the challenge (like the others skaters said), here is what Nagasu said:

"It's a little intimidating that the Olympic silver medalist is coming back," she said. "She just has that edge over us. Hopefully I'll use my experience this past year to help me out -- and my youth."

It's cool to see someone be honest! Check out the article.