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The State of Johnny Weir

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Well, the Olympic media summit continued and a product was this Phil Hersh article on Johnny Weir. In it, Weir says that he considered quitting the sport (of course) after not making last season's world championships and seeing Evan Lysacek win. First of all, I'm going to call BS on that because we all know Weir had "Pop Star on Ice" coming out as well as his television documentary (which the article says will debut in January). What was that show going to be filming if Weir quit? But even if we do believe that he was really going to quit the sport, I feel like this is a constant refrain from Weir (as evidenced by this IFS article where he discusses contemplating quitting after the 2007 season). He was so depressed and down that he couldn't imagine continuing but now he's turned it all around! Everyone deals with competition in a different way, but I really don't see why Lysacek winning would have made him want to quit. I would think that a fiery competitor would have taken it as a challenge and used it for motivation. But maybe Weir just needed to go through that down time in order to give himself some inspiration for this season, as he has modeled his Fallen Angel free skate off the experience. Or maybe he just needed a good story to tell about the free skate. I'm sorry to be cynical, but come on! There is not a chance that Weir was going to miss out on this Olympic season and all the publicity it entails.

On a less cynical and more fashionable note, the article quotes Weir as saying he's going to wear a corset for his short program. I am VERY much looking forward to this!