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Fashion Blogging: Proenza Schouler

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Figure skating continues to have a hold on the fashion industry, as designer Jack McCollough said Proenza Schouler's spring 2010 line was inspired by "skating, surfing, sports," according to

Though there was not one blade in the collection, ice princesses did stream down the catwalk, with micro short skirts that looked like training jackets wrapped around the hip, worn with boyish blazers. There was a sense of athlete returning from the sports stadium about many looks – running track pants in high tech nylons and taut chemises, ideal for gymnastics - and a chic lunch.

McCollough and partner Lazaro Hernandez – the design duo that launched the label six years ago – also reinvented their famous corset silhouette. Gone were the laced bustiers; in came colorful athletic bras.

The pair carefully avoided any too literal an interpretation of active sports, especially for evening, when they raised the tempo with a delightful series of tropical print skirts and dresses, though again cut as wrapped around the waist. They even added feathers, sequins and ribbons to some fabulous curvy minis and drew gasps from many members of the audience with a final trio of sexy dresses in hues worthy of tropical Balinese fish.

You can check out some of the fashions at New York Magazine's website. What do you think?